The LP5 Record Mailer

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Get easy packing and ultimate LP protection from damage during transit!

The LP5 Record Mailed is designed to fit up 3-5 LP's and can also accommodate some box sets. The perforated flaps allow for variable depth.

Please note: This box is best for larger orders (3-5 LP's) that will not fit in the LP3 Mailer.

Pro Tip: We highly recommend that you use our Cardboard Support Pads for premium protection and our specially-sourced Record Mailer Tape along with this mailer to achieve premium protection and fit.

Bulk Discounts:

150 - 3% savings

300 - 5% savings

600 - 8% savings

Contact us for quantities over 600.

Product Specs

• Inside dimensions: 12 3/4" x 13" x 1"
• Weight of empty mailer: 9 oz.
• Comes in quantities of 75