Death to square mailers.

Our mailers are strong, sturdy, and provide protection that square LP mailers don't provide. The edges of the mailers extend about 1" on two ends to provide extra protection against damage that would otherwise end up denting the record inside!

Epic Corner Protection

Our mailers have extended edges to protect record sleeve corners from damage.

Super Duper Sturdy

Built from strong corrugated board to withstand rough handling during transit.

Quick & Easy Packing

Save time packing your records! Just fold & tape - no box assembly required :)

"I ship 250 records a week across the United States. The Best Record Mailer has never failed me. My customers call The Best Record Mailers 'bomb proof!'"

— Matt, Spinner's Record Shop

Our Story

We're an independent, small business located in Tennessee.

We started an online record store 10 years ago. After six months of shipping records, we noticed a huge void in the packaging available for properly shipping vinyl records. So we designed our own box so that we could make sure records were arriving to their new homes in pristine condition!

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